"Enjoy all the benefits of revenue property ownership without any of the hassles"

Fully managed rental property opportunities that let you sit back and reap the rewards

Revenue property ownership made easy

By now you have likely heard that real estate has helped create more millionaires than any other asset class in history. The issue is that being a Landlord can be time consuming, and many busy professionals simply do not have the hours and days available to research markets, locate qualified properties, fill them with exceptional tenants and deal with the administrative management required to maintain a healthy real estate portfolio.

Through the Armchair Landlord program, we source revenue generating property opportunities for potential purchasers that are packaged with built-in Tenant-Buyers who commit to long term rental agreements, pay sizable non-refundable down payments upfront and provide our Armchair Landlords with pre-negotiated, commission-free exits so they are able to realize on gains attributable to property appreciation in just 36 to 60 months.

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How it works

Our Calgary, Alberta based company specializes in locating qualified homeowners who wish to refinance residential property throughout the Province of Alberta,  but are unable to qualify for traditional mortgage financing from the banks. As such, they are at risk of losing their home all together, along with the equity they have built to date. Our program provides them with an innovative solution to this problem that provides the homeowner with the ability to reside in the home as a tenant, while providing a lucrative opportunity for those looking to benefit from owning an income producing revenue property.

Our solution works by aligning these qualified homeowners (that we refer to as ‘Tenant-Buyers’), with qualified revenue property purchasers (that we refer to as ‘Armchair Landlords’) looking to purchase fully managed, hassle free, revenue properties with long-term motivated tenants already in place.

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About Us

“You can have anything you want in life so long as you are willing to help others achieve what they want.”

We are an Alberta based team of real estate professionals who are lucky enough to be located in one of the strongest economies in the world.

With Alberta being home to the world’s most politically stable source of energy, this province is benefiting from foreign investment in the hundreds of billions of dollars. This in turn is creating more sustainable jobs than any other province in the country.  Continued and sustainable job growth is the most important economic fundamental in real estate investing as more jobs require more people, therefore creating a demand for housing and an upward pressure on real estate values.

We have made our personal wealth in Alberta real estate and we strongly believe that home ownership is the fundamental building block of financial freedom.  It is this belief that drove us to create the Armchair Landlord program where we are able to match qualified Tenant-Buyers with Armchair Landlords to create win-win solutions for all parties involved.