"Enjoy all the benefits of revenue property ownership without any of the hassles"

Fully managed rental property opportunities that let you sit back and reap the rewards

Revenue property ownership made easy

By now you have likely heard that real estate has helped create more millionaires than any other asset class in history. The issue is that being a Landlord can be time consuming, and many busy professionals simply do not have the hours and days available to research markets, locate qualified properties, fill them with exceptional tenants and deal with the administrative management required to maintain a healthy real estate portfolio.

At MN Properties we source revenue generating property opportunities for potential purchasers that are packaged with built-in Tenant-Buyers who commit to long term rental agreements, pay sizable non-refundable down payments upfront and provide our Armchair Landlords with pre-negotiated, commission-free exits so they are able to realize on gains attributable to property appreciation in just 36 to 60 months.

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Who Are Our Tenant-Buyers?

Our Tenant-Buyers are regular Canadian families who have strong household incomes but due to employment status (such as self-employed business owners), changes in bank regulation and qualification standards, recent credit issues or unexpected life events, they are unable to acquire mortgage financing from more traditional sources.

As the gap between the have and have-nots continues to widen more and more families are being excluded from the fundamental financial building block of home ownership.  The Armchair Landlord program is designed to assist these qualified individuals and their families while providing Armchair Landlords with an exceptional opportunity

How it works

Our Calgary, Alberta based company specializes in locating qualified Tenant-Buyers who wish to purchase or refinance residential property throughout the province of Alberta but are unable to qualify for traditional mortgage financing from the banks. We then package and present these opportunities to Armchair Landlords who wish to own Alberta based revenue property, but want to avoid the hassle and volatility of conventional landlording.

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