"Enjoy all the benefits of revenue property ownership without any of the hassles"

Fully managed rental property opportunities that let you sit back and reap the rewards

Revenue Property Made Easy

There is no doubt that real estate has helped create more millionaires than any other investment, however, managing properties and tenants can be a lot of work for landlords. That’s where our program works for you. Armchair Landlords don’t have to be property managers, and they don’t have to hire a realtor to find strong income-producing rental properties either. All Armchair Landlord based properties are located, qualified, and professionally managed with long-term tenants in place, making these exclusive opportunities better than any other revenue generating investment available. We take care of all the work for you. 

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How It Works

Our Calgary, Alberta based company specializes in locating qualified homeowners who wish to refinance residential property throughout the Province of Alberta,  but are unable to qualify for traditional mortgage financing from the banks. As such, they are at risk of losing their home all together, along with the equity they have built to date. Our program provides them with an innovative solution to this problem that provides the homeowner with the ability to reside in the home as a long-term tenant, while providing a lucrative opportunity for those looking to benefit from owning an income producing revenue property.

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Exclusive Opportunities for ACLs

From our available opportunities, Armchair Landlords (ACLs) have the ability to choose revenue properties with positive cash-flow and full management and can generate growth that typically exceeds that of any other investment. This program offers far less maintenance, is financially more beneficial, and has built-in protections to better mitigate risks than most other revenue property investments.

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